Flood warnings for Girvan and Ayrshire coastline

Flood warnings are in place in South Ayrshire.
Flood warnings are in place in South Ayrshire.

An updated flood alert has been issued for the Ayshire coastline – and a flood warning is in place for Girvan.

From Sunday into Monday, there is a risk of coastal flooding on exposed coastlines and low-lying coastal areas.

A combination of high tides, large waves and surge could cause flooding and disruption from wave overtopping or high water levels.

The greatest risk is at the time of high water, which on Sunday falls at around now (just after midday) and again at midnight; and on Monday at 12.30pm.

In Girvan, flooding of coastal roads and properties on Newton Kennedy Place is possible. Flooding may also affect the car park at Shalloch Park and Ainslie Manor nursing home.

Advice and information is also available through Floodline on 0345 9881188.