Tree falls on house in Barr

This tree fell into a house in the village of Barr.
This tree fell into a house in the village of Barr.

High winds last week caused two trees to fall in Barr, one falling into a house while the other narrowly missed a car.

Local residents say six trees in the village, including the two which fell down, had previously been reported to South Ayrshire Council as they were dead or rotten, but nothing was done.

One resident said: “These are South Ayrshire council’s trees, six of them have been reported to them previously about being dead and rotten and no-one has came out to see them. We had to wait until one landed against a house. Another tree’s top fell off into someone’s garden and just missed their new car.”

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services said: “During the gale-force winds of last week it was reported that a tree which is on council land had fallen into a private garden in Barr. The same day the incident was reported our foresters were deployed to ensure the backdoor was not blocked. The tree has since been cleared from the garden with the remaining trees in the area programmed to be inspected and appropriate action taken where required.”