Win a BeeMat™ and watch your garden bloom!

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The Carrick Gazette and BeeMat™ have teamed up to offer readers the chance to win one of 10 BeeMats™.

Britain’s bees are facing a bleak future. Over 50 per cent of our bees have been lost in recent years through disease, loss of habitat and intensive farming.

Research shows planting wild flowers is crucial to the survival of bees.

New from the experts at Terraseed, BeeMat™ is a unique and simple solution to this urgent need. A pre-seeded, biodegradable growing mat scientifically proven to control weeds, BeeMat™ is the easiest way to bring a whole host of bee favourite wild flowers to your garden.

BeeMat™ is also proven to be a more effective way of germinating and growing bee-friendly wild flowers in the garden when compared to seeding alone.

Considered as the primary pollinators for most insect-pollinated crops and wildflowers within the UK, bees play a crucial role in food production. Their decline has a direct impact on the price and availability of the food we eat. Without bees, food prices would rise because the cost to farmers of pollinating crops in other ways could be over £1.8 billion a year.

According to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, our gardens cover over one million acres in the UK, presenting a great opportunity to provide much needed food for bees and help to reverse this devastating decline.

Available in an adaptable 200cm x 50cm mat that can be cut to shape, BeeMat™ contains a special mix of flower seeds carefully selected and approved by the Royal Horticultural Society to provide a combination of annual, biennial and perennial species that will flower vigorously over an extended period.

Not only does this bee-friendly growing mat suppress weeds and encourage the germination of flower seeds, it also dramatically improves both plant establishment and the number of visits by bees.

Using BeeMat™ couldn’t be easier! Whether you have a flowerbed, pot, trough or large garden space, it is so easy to bring bountiful blooms to the bees with BeeMat™!

Simply prepare the ground that you are going to use and clear any existing weeds. Cut your BeeMat™ as required, then lay it onto the prepared soil and covered with a thin layer of sand or compost. Water the area as required, then sit back and watch your flowers bloom, followed closely by the buzzing of bees enjoying the BeeMat™ bounty! The mat will breakdown after a few weeks and will leave no harmful residues in the soil.

BeeMat™ is available to buy direct at for £9.99 (+ £3.00 p+p) or click to find your nearest stockist.

To have a chance of winning, simply answer this question: Name one of the flower species included in BeeMat™ (tip visit for a clue!).

Send your answer to: BeeMat competition, The Carrick Gazette, 32 Dalrymple Street, Girvan, KA26 9AE, with your name, address and telephone number, or email your answer and details to, putting BeeMat Competition in the subject line. The closing date is Wednesday, July 31.