Wind turbine planned at Penwhapple

Scottish Water have submitted an application to South Ayrshire Council to build a single wind turbine at the Penwhapple Waterworks.

The plans if approved would see a wind turbine of 101m to the blade tip erected at the site on the north side of the B734.

The site lies in the middle of the exisiting Hadyard Hill windfarm ran by SSE renewables which totals 52 wind turbines currently.

The turbine would be located at the east side of the waterworks, which comprises of made ground which has been disturbed from construction work within the waterworks complex.

Scottish Water say the 500kw (O.5MW) turbine will produce enough electricity per year to meet the needs of 100 houses and offset approximately 530 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The turbine if commissioned will have a construction period of up to one month and will remain on site for 25 years.