Women wanted for wind farm course

Ayrshire College are urging more women from Carrick to enrol on their Wind Farm Technician course.

Since the college launched the course in 2013 only four women have enrolled so far.

However with 30-year-old Adele Baird becoming the first female student on the course in 2014/15, three more women have since followed in her footsteps.

This years’ trio of females studying on the course will now be hoping to emulate Adele’s success.

Upon successful completion of the course, Adele quickly secured employment with a leading wind turbine company last year.

Adele has been undergoing training in her new job across the UK and Germany.

She is an electrical commissioning technician – which involves installing the electrical wiring inside the turbine and setting up the software.

Adele said: “I was in the army before and had a bit of experience working on radars and things like that, but it’s the electrical qualifications that I gained over the course that got me this job – without a doubt.

“Now I get to work all over the place. Wherever they put a new turbine up, they will send me out there to get the wiring complete and ensure it’s up and running.”

With an interest in electrical engineering, Adele soon had her heart set on Ayrshire College’s Wind Turbine Technician course as she assessed her options.

The course was developed to train the industry’s future maintenance workforce in response to the growing number of wind turbines in Ayrshire.

Adele said “I’m driven by the job that I’m interested in, so being a female in a male-dominated industry doesn’t faze me at all. I say, just crack on and do what you want to do regardless.”

One of those cracking on with the course is 24-year-old Samantha Russell, from Ayr.

With a background in the RAF, Samantha is now looking to enter the industry that her father is currently working in.

She said “I’ve always been money driven – and engineers make money. This is an ideal career path for me as I see myself working outdoors.

“I’m really enjoying the course so far. It’s important that our lecturers are from industry as wind turbines are still quite new to us. Their relevant experience helps us understand the industry better.”