Work to stabilise A77 landslip prone area

Carlock Hill.
Carlock Hill.

Investigation work on the rock face at Carlock on the A77, an area four miles south of Ballantrae which is prone to landslips, is taking place over the next few weeks.

Charles Macklin, Scotland TranServ’s principal engineer explained: “These investigations are being carried out to inform future schemes being developed to maintain and stabilise the ground adjacent to the A77 trunk road in this area.

“This continues from works carried out in the vicinity to replace the failing upslope with rock fill to ensure the stability of the ground in the immediate area.

“Scotland TranServ has worked in consultation with local authorities and key stakeholders to schedule this programme of work for a period of minimal disruption. We will continue to keep local communities and drivers informed on our progress.”

Motorists are urged to allow extra time when travelling overnight on the A77 between 11.30pm-2am and 3.30am-6am. While the work is on-going there will be a single lane closure and temporary traffic lights.

The first phase of the work - from March 19 to April 6 - involves the inspection and minor repairs to the Carlock rock face. The second phase, starting on April 9 and continuing until May 4, involves additional ground investigations at Carlock wall.

Andy Fraser, Scotland TranServ’s operating company representative concluded: “Across South West Scotland, we’re working on behalf of Transport Scotland to prioritise such road maintenance issues and deliver our improvement projects as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

“The A77 is an important economic artery for south west Scotland and that is why we have scheduled this significant programme of work to be delivered with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.”

Information is available at o @trafficscotland on Twitter.