Workers in A77 clean-up

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SCOTLAND TranServ and South Ayrshire Council joined forces earlier this month while carrying out essential road maintenance on the A77 trunk road, making greater use of resources, reducing costs and minimising disruption to the general public.

Scotland TranServ arranged for a series of overnight closures of the A77/A78 to allow them to undertake cyclic works such as gully and drain cleaning and grass cutting along the verges and central reservations. Whilst they carried out this work, crews from South Ayrshire Council moved in, carrying out litter picking and sweeping. This joined-up approach not only minimised the disruption to the road network, it provided the safest environment for the workforce.

As the crews worked through the night, they collected empty cans, bottles, cigarette ends and wrappers, old tyres and exhausts from the side of the road. In the five days that the work took place, an astonishing 65 tonnes of litter and debris was collected from the side of the road – equivalent in weight of 65 small family cars.

Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland, manage and maintain the motorways and major roads in the South West of Scotland, the A77 and A78 are two of these routes.