World’s media descend on Turnberry

Donald Trump arriving at Turnberry
Donald Trump arriving at Turnberry

It’s not often it happens, but the attention of the world’s media was firmly focussed on Carrick today.

The sports reporters were joined by news teams from around the world who wanted to hear Turnberry golf course owner and US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s reaction to the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union in yesterday’s Referendum.

Mr Trump was here for the offical opening after the multi-million pound refurbishment and redesign of the Ailsa course and the hotel.

But after a speech to offically open the new course, the questions came thick and fast from television, radio and newspaper journalists from across the globe.

Asked about the result of the referendum, Mr Trump said: “This is a historic day, one of the biggest votes in the history of Europe. I wish everybody a lot of luck.

“I really see a big parallel, not only with what’s happening in the US but in other countries, people want to take their country back, they want to have independence.

“We’re going to have many more cases where people want to take their borders back and want to be able to have a country again.”

On the economy, he predicted the downturn in the pound following the referendum would be a boost for UK tourism.

“If the pound goes down, they’re going to do more business,” he said, “more people will come to places like Scotland and England.”

Asked about a second Scottish independence referendum, Mr Trump said: “I have got to know the people of Scotland so well, they are amazing people. Independence is up to the people, but I don’t know that they will want to go through that again. It was a nasty period, but the people of Scotland may speak differently.”