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I was delighted with the Full Council decision to go ahead with the planned Regeneration of Girvan and South Carrick.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the area and shows the commitment by the council to the economic well-being of South Carrick.

I was also pleased that the decision was unanimous and is the biggest investment in the area for many years, when this investment is tied in with potential wind farm benefit funding.

I truly believe it will give Girvan and South Carrick a head start in dealing with the economic downturn which faces most other parts of the country.

I would like to play tribute to the Chair of the Strategy Group, Stephen Flannigan and every other member of the Strategy Group who kept faith with this project.

Another piece of good news is the final go ahead for the Carrick Activity Centre in Dailly, with the lease due to be signed this week.

It is full steam ahead for the local group to press ahead with plans to re-equip the former Dailly Activity Centre with up to the minute gym equipment.

I am pleased to be part of this Group but full recognition and credit should go to the Committee who have taken this imaginative idea forward for the benefit and well being of all interested individuals throughout Carrick.

Funding for this project has been provided by Ayrshire Leader, Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund and the Big Lottery. It is hoped to open the new Carrick Activity Centre in early February.

It is also very welcome to see the old Kings Arms in Dailly being demolished by the Council.

This property has been an eyesore in the village for many years, it has deteriorated to such an extent after being abandoned by the former owner that the council has stepped in to remove this dangerous building and eyesore.

I was pleased to facilitate a meeting between Adam Ingram MSP and Ailsa Horizons to take forward plans to provide a Freight Transfer facility which is planned by Ailsa Horizons at Grangestone.

I welcome any Cross Party co-operation at the Scottish Parliament which means that plans to provide a Freight facility at Grangestone can proceed.

It makes so much sense to take heavy goods traffic off our roads and onto the railway network.

Speaking of transport, it is obvious the roads are in a terrible state both locally and nationally. I know that here in South Ayrshire it would take in the order of £35 million to bring our local roads up to a tolerable standard, but the problem here is that the council only has a roads budget of around £6 million. When one considers that the total amount the council has to spend on all the services it provides is £269 million, one can see where the difficulty is.

According to the RAC Foundation the UK Government at Westminster collects £48 Billion from all road users but only allocates £18 Billion to be spent on the national road network, one can see where the problem lies!

With the current price of petrol and diesel at the pumps it seems ridiculous to me that we cannot have a decent national road network fit for the 21st century! Perhaps if as a nation if we did not spend so much on foreign wars and nuclear weapons we might be better off.

One last piece of good news, the SNP Government at Holyrood is freezing council tax for another year.

This is the fourth year that the SNP Government have frozen council tax, giving hard pressed households some relief from other ever mounting household bills.