Young gardeners hit the jackpot at Dailly

Dailly's young gardeners receive their prize.
Dailly's young gardeners receive their prize.

In 2012 Ayrshire and Arran sponsored their own potato-growing competition ‘Count and Grow’ in conjuction with Royal Highland Educational Trust in which thirty-two schools participated.

Everyone agreed that a lot was learned – probably because there was a lot of bad weather! From frost in April to the extreme wet weather in May and June, the young gardeners were tried and tested.

When the harvests were reported at the end of June, the most successful schools were identified by the weight of their tatties.

Dailly Primary School won the overall prize with a yield of 1480 grams. Pictured are some of the children receiving their prize of gardening tokens and a personal monetary gift from Mr Marshall Veitch on behalf of the RHET.