Z1 girls Go Dance at the Theatre Royal

The dance group from Z1
The dance group from Z1

A group of young dancers from the Z1 group in Girvan are to perform at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow this month.

Twenty-four girls from Girvan and the local villages between the ages of 12 and 17 will be performing in the Go Dance 15 show.

The girls attend the Z1 Dance Group class every Wednesday night at Girvan Primary gym hall. The class is free of charge and any young person from first year to sixth year is welcome to go along.

Over the last month the girls have been working hard to perfect their routine for this high profile show which has been choreographed by their talented dance instructor Heather Alexander.

The dance piece the girls will be performing is titled In ‘The Land of Nod’ - we take a journey through the subconscious mind when sleeping into a world of both dreams and nightmares, where anything can happen from encountering the monsters we fear to having a moment with loved ones we’ve lost.

The piece aims to portray what can happen in a night’s sleep, exploring many different scenarios; falling asleep only to be jerked back awake, strange and random situations that don’t make sense, monsters that don’t exist coming to life and someone from the past you wish was in the present paying you a much wanted visit. The latter of which flips everything upside down, it’s now in the waking world that you find the nightmare, as the ones you’ve lost are no longer there.

Go Dance 15, now in its 8th year returns to the Theatre Royal from Tuesday 26 until Saturday 30 May celebrating the best of community dance. Hosted by Scottish actor Alan McHugh, every evening offers a different programme of dynamic routines from Scotland’s leading dance colleges, dance schools and community groups.

Go Dance 15 is a unique collaborative event that brings together more than 1200 dancers of all ages and showcases a variety of styles including contemporary, ballet, hip hop and tap.

Creative Learning Manager, Alison Cowan, said: “Go Dance is back and bursting with talent. It’s great to see regulars return and welcome newcomers to the Go Dance family. This is a chance for people of all ages to share their passion for dance and celebrate their creativity.”