Z1 group get boost from ASDA’s carrier bag charge

The z1 Girls group have been handed a funding boost.
The z1 Girls group have been handed a funding boost.

The Z1 girls group in Girvan have reaped the rewards as a result of the introduction of a 5p carrier bag charge.

The group, have received £1,025 from ASDA Girvan as part of the latest round of community giveaways from the charge.

In a partnership with Foundation Scotland, ASDA is distributing half of the proceeds of the charge through community grants.

The girls group will be using the funding to help with their health and fitness initiative allowing the girls to get involved with activities such as skating, swimming and skiing.

Heather McCafferty, Chairperson at Z1 Girls Group, said: “We’re delighted that our application for an Asda carrier bag community grant was successful. The funds will definitely have a positive impact in our local community.

“Thanks to the generous grant from Asda, the girls have also been able to get involved in what Girvan is famous for, Music on the Prom, learning to waltz and jive rock and roll.”

Lynne Smith, Community Life Champion at Asda Girvan, commented: “We want the carrier bag charge to have long-term social and environmental benefits, and we want to ensure the funds raised are spent locally.

“By working with Foundation Scotland, we can ensure that the bag charge benefits small projects and good causes that matter most to our local community. It’s fantastic to see the positive impact it’s already making in Girvan.

Giles Ruck, Chief Executive of Foundation Scotland, said: “We are using our knowledge to ensure that the funds, which are being raised continuously, are used to help improve, strengthen and benefit the communities around Asda stores across the country.”

www.foundationscotland.org.uk/asda has more details on how to apply for grants.