A busy year for golf in Carrick

Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry.
Donald Trump at Trump Turnberry.

Well here we are approaching the bells to welcome in 2015 and I hope it will be a good year for everyone. There are still some results from 2014 to report and hopefully this will be in next week’s Gazette.

But before we say goodbye to 2014 we should perhaps look back to the highlights of that year. Earlier this year Douglas Holmes, the Turnberry Captain, had a difficult time in negotiations with Donald Trump, who purchased Turnberrry golf course and hotel during the year. That, as far as the club is concerned is an on going situation but is being well handled by Douglas and his Committee on behalf of the Club members.

Liz Brown the Turnberry Ladies Captain became the Ladies Champion for the second year in a row beating Eileen Munro at the 19th. hole. In the Bronze Championship Anne Greenall got the better of Lesley Brown to claim the trophy. The Turnberry Gent’s Champion was Scott Brown who beat Billy McCulloch with in the second class section Roddy Gardner managing to beat Chris Savage.

Over at the Girvan Club Liz Neill became Ladies Champion for the eighth time with Roz McCulloch runner-up again. The Bronze Champion was Isobel Connor. The Girvan Club Champion was Gary Bryden after an exciting play-off with Gregor Mackintosh.

The Second Class Shield was won by Jim Crawford with Willie McClymont winning the handicap trophy. The Girvan Ladies Open The Kelco Plate was won by Norma Sadler of Shropshire with Elinor Heggie (Girvan) picking up the scratch trophy. The Girvan Gent’s Open, the Stevenson Trophy, was won by John Shanks of Irvine Bogside with Joel McCluskey (Girvan) winning the handicap trophy.

The Girvan Clubhouse has at last received the attention it has been needing for some time and is beginning to again look like it should. A lot of this is due to the efforts of Councillor Alec Clark who has fought tirelessly to get council funds for the necessary work to be done, although Alec is not a golfer himself. Naturally with Stan and Margaret Milligan having done their share which I can assure you is a lot, things are at last beginning to take shape. So a lot has happened in 2014, and for 2015 we look forward to Turnberry’s progress under the Trump family and completion of Girvan Clubhouse refurbishment.


The New York Times commenting on how high society in the Long Island area took to golf in 1894; ‘Society is as prone to fads as are the sparks to fly upward and the latest in outdoor fads is golf. Tennis, archery and polo have each had their turn, and golf is now coming to replace them in the fickle minds of the Four Hundred. Without being as violent as tennis or polo, the ancient Scottish game furnishes more exercise than either archery or croquet and seem to find favour with those lovers of outdoor sports who are too stout, too old or too lazy to enjoy any of the severer games’.

Well, Well I leave you to reflect on that thought. I do not know who the Four Hundred are, but I never thought tennis was a violent sport. But to find golf is for those too stout, too old or too lazy to play anything else as an unwarranted accusation as we golfers have to struggle around some six miles of undulating ground, depending on how accurate your shots are, in a little over three hours as very good exercise. Then coming back to the clubhouse to arrange a score card that does not reflect too much on a poor score, very good mental exercise..


Well Ayr United supporters have seem Mark Roberts leave the club, a leaked report of a takeover which will bring in a brand new stadium together and the prospect of a full time team. But that unfortunately does not seem to have inspired the players who were over run in the first twenty minutes of the match against Airdrieonians last Saturday losing two goals during that period and finishing three nil down.

As we roll into 2015 we can only hope that our local team can improve its position and give us something to look forward to. With the weather hopefully improving we will perhaps have a chance to play with all the golfing toys we acquired over the festive season.

We look with amazement at the number of hills appearing on the roadside of Turnberry Hotel and wonder whether it will be used for golf or mountaineering. However it all seems that the whole complex is receiving the attention it has been needing for some time and we look with interest to the outcome.

Do you remember when a set of golf clubs carried the name of a well known professional golfer, presumably suggesting that they were the same type of clubs that the professional used. I had a set of Jack Nicklaus clubs which were much admired, but they never achieved the same success with me as they did with Jack. You never see a professionals name on a set of clubs nowadays, although I believe that if you can find a set of clubs with Ben Hogan’s name on them, they are much in demand. I presume that the professionals found it embarrassing if the golfer with the clubs bearing their name did not perform well. Nowadays it is all manufacturers names on the clubs and as they update their clubs yearly there is always an excuse that you should purchase the latest models if you game needs improvement. I will just keep on with the clubs I have although they sometimes misbehave, but occasionally they surprise me with a really good shot.