A great game for young and old

Well with some reasonable days we have managed to play some golf including the Probus Club who as usual struggled round the Girvan course in the wind last Thursday with Alistair Scobie coming in to win yet again.

On Sunday Girvan golfers were out for the second round of the Harry Steel Eclectic, with still one round to go before a winner is decided.


A golf reporter back in 1983 wrote: “Golf fans have a remarkable sixth sense that tells them what is happening elsewhere on the course, often a mile away. Some sort of telepathic wizardry takes place that not even the Soviet Union’s KGB could figure out.”

Ben Curtis, asked how he came to shoot a triple bogey seven at the Buick Invitational in 2006 replied: “I hit it seven times.” Which says it all really.


Golf is a wonderful game, but to many, if not to all, particularly if we stop to think about it, it is a little bit weird.

Winston Churchill likened it to a person nonchalantly hitting a wee white ball around a field for the ball to eventually drop into a small hole with implements ill-suited for the task.

That about sums it up, but think of all the pleasure it brings to do it in less than the number of shots it takes an opponent. Also the exercise it gives to an otherwise recumbent person plus the social aspect of the outing in fresh air.

Now that I have extolled the virtues of golf there is always another side, such as the frustration one feels when a shot goes astray or when a putt fails to drop, but that teaches us to face up to the disappointments in life. So golf is more than a game it is also a way of life and more parents should encourage their offspring to take up the game.

But if you can afford it make sure that they first take professional lessons which includes the courtesies of the game. That is available at Turnberry and a phone call to the professionals’ shop is all it takes to find out.

Hopefully Girvan Golf Club will be giving Clubgolf this summer when similar arrangements can be made including the use of golf clubs to see if the game really takes their fancy.

The latter arrangement will depend on the Girvan Golf Club making the suitable arrangements, but the Turnberry professionals will always be available. There is also the attraction of the right attire to wear on the course, bright cheery clothes are recommended as they are easy to see in case of accidents. This will brighten up the youngsters’ attitude to sensible clothes. Ah well! It is a great game for both the young and the elderly and everyone else if they so desire, so make the most of it.