Abigail stops play at Girvan course

The Girvan course was closed on Sunday and is still closed due to the weather, so the Girvan Golf Club’s Winter Stableford could not be played.

However play goes on at Turnberry with the Wednesday medal bringing in John Broadfoot as winner on (5)71 followed by Justin Horne (9)74, David Nelson (5)75 and Martin Brown (19)75. All this in spite of Abigail who certainly has a strong presence.


Larry Nelson was asked why he carried two putters ’Just to let each know that they can be replaced’.

Whilst Lee Trevino, who was never short of a word or two, or even three said ‘If God wanted you to putt cross handed, he would have made your left arm longer’.


Well Abigail has hopefully gone home and apart from the Probus electing not to play in her very windy breath last Thursday, has hopefully not had much effect.

If the Ailsa course had been open for play I am sure that putting would have been virtually impossible on some of the exposed greens.

We are supposed to be getting Katy, a tropical storm, but perhaps she was responsible for all the rain that fell on Saturday.

Now an innovation in recent years has been the lob shot which lofts the ball high in the air and lands it softly on the green next to the hole. The alternative is the pitch and run which hopefully finishes with the ball on the edge of the cup.

This latter shot is the safest as if you misjudge the chip and run you will probably be left with just a longer putt than expected.

However with the lob shot which really impresses an opponent, if it is mishit you will be most probably blade the ball way over the green in to whatever trouble lies there and create mirth among your playing opponents.

The lob shot is the Lamborghini of pitches, flashy and liable to draw oohs and ahhs from opponents, but it can be very costly.

Whereas the chip and run can be understated, modest, a lot more reliable, and requires very little maintenance - in other words the Honda of pitches.

There is of course the forced lob shot when you have to get over a green side bunker with plenty of stop on the ball and this is where you can really impress the opposition.

Naturally the club manufacturers recommend the lob as it requires a highly sophisticated piece of equipment ie. the lob wedge which of course they can supply in many forms at a price commensurate with its capabilities.

But it is purely preference and it is worth while spending some time in the practice area experimenting with the lob shot before using it in play, but do not forget to also practice the chip and run and compare them.

It can be fun and also useful so enjoy it.