An Honest Man writes ...

It is with some relief that I can report that Ayr United beat Stranraer 2-1 last Saturday.

It seemed at the start that Stranraer were going to roll right over Ayr but the home team bucked the trend with Trouton scoring a goal with an excellent shot after he had scooped an earlier chance over the crossbar.

Jordon Preston was then through with only the goalkeeper to beat but shot straight at the keeper. Stranraer’s keeper was an audacious fellow and was often to be found standing well out of his penalty area.

Well he did it once too often and with the ball at his feet charged up the field only to lose it for Wardrobe to punish him by from some 35 yards punting the ball into an empty net.

Stranraer were upset by this and tried to batter Ayr into submission but only earned themselves a number of yellow cards.