An Honest Man writes - Concentrate until the ref blows the whistle

Well big cheers are in order as Ayr United managed to put an end to their bad run by beating Albion Rovers 3-1 away.

Mind you Albion scored right in the last minute which appears to be one of Ayr’s weak spots, as they often let a goal in right at the end. Ayr must keep their concentration up for the full 90 minutes plus all those extra minutes that referees always seem add on, as although we picked up the full three points on Saturday,

At the end of the season it may come down to goal average. We have in the past ended up with a draw by letting a late goal in when we had taken it for granted that the game was won. So Ayr United - concentrate until the referee blows for full time.

I must also congratulate Girvan on beating Ardeer Thistle by 5-1 away from home. Girvan are deservedly doing well this season with a very good crop of players and an excellent manager.