Athletic just one point away from title

Athletic A are just one point away from securing the title and they can do it this week in their rearranged game against the Royal after they defeated the Boars 7-3.

Vaults won 6-4 at home against The Royal and Hammy secured another great win 9-1 against the Kings.

180s; L Wilson, P Rae, J Mitchell

171; L McLeary

Best darts; 17 L Wilson, 20 D Harper, 20 R Skilling, 21 L Wright, 21 A Kerr


Athletic a v Boarshead

Hammy v Kings

Harbour v Victory bar

Vaults v Royal

Athletic A v Royal

(Ath B free week)

William Grants Girvan League

pl pts

Athletic A 14 27

Athletic B 14 22

Victory bar 13 21

Hammy 15 19

Vaults 14 13

Boarshead 14 11

Harbour bar 13 9

Royal 13 3

Kings 14 0