Athletic sit top of the league

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Athletic A sit top of league with full points after defeating Boarshead closely followed by Crosshill who thrashed Athletic B.

Victory hit top form to climb up the table, Vaults were held to five-all with the Royal and Kings got onto the points trail with a draw with the Hammy.

William Grants Girvan league


Athletic b 1 crosshill 9

Royal 5 vaults 5

Boarshead 4 athletic a 6

Kings barr 5 hamilton 5

Royal 5 vaults 5

180s r harris, b galloway,d faulds,a stewart,2 x 180 j mc millan; 14 darts j mc millan,16 r harris,j mc dowall and g collie 17,19 j mc millan,2x 19 k mc veigh,19 j mc ewan,19 p mc cluskey,21 j mc culloch,21 l wilson,21 a stewart.; 110 checkout p milligan.

next week’s fixtures

Athletic a v crosshill

Royal v athletic b

Vaults v victory bar

Boarshead v kings barr

Harbour bar v hamilton