Ayr cyclists visit Sir Chris velodrome

Ayr Roads club members visited the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome in Glasgow.
Ayr Roads club members visited the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome in Glasgow.

Over 20 Ayr Roads CC/Harry Fairbairn BMW riders made the journey to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow on Sunday morning for an organised coaching session, the vast majority of whom had never ridden on a track before.

On first entering the arena, the first thing that struck everyone was the gradient of the banking – the television pictures certainly do not do it justice!

The order of the day on the first few laps was simply to get used to the feel of the single speed brakeless bikes on the lower section of the track progressing to increasing speed and slowing down by either applying back pressure on the pedals or moving higher up the banking.

After a short period of time everyone was beginning to feel increasingly confident riding high round the track with snaking up and down and banking in an organised line proving to be a particular highlight for many.

However, there can be no denying that the ethos of the track experience is speed and the session which allowed the riders to let loose and sprint from the front of one group to catch another half way around the track was highly enjoyable.

The track was a fantastic experience and several of the Ayr Roads riders will be back to utilise the superb venue in the future.

Thanks go to Alex McAllister for organising the day and to the two coaches from the Fullarton Wheelers, Brian and Gordon.

Meanwhile, eight members set off into East Ayrshire on the Sunday Social Club Run taking in Coylton, Drongan, Cumnock and Lugar on route to a café stop in Sorn.

Although the weather was chilly, the day’s steady riding was enjoyed by all. Sunday Social Runs depart from Beresford Terrace every week at 09.30.