Ayr Roads members looking to break long-standing record

The members in the photograph from 1990 are,�left to right: Alan Bonsor, Bobby McLean, Malcolm Inch and Arnie Thomson
The members in the photograph from 1990 are,�left to right: Alan Bonsor, Bobby McLean, Malcolm Inch and Arnie Thomson

Twenty five years ago this week, four Ayr Roads CC members set off from Lands End to John o’ Groats to celebrate the club’s 60th anniversary. They also raised over £4000 for charity. The epic ride featured prominently in NHS Ayrshire & Arran Health Board’s Healthy Heart Campaign. The foursome covered 900 miles in six days, and in an “on the road time” of 48 hours 24 minutes 1 second. Average distance was 147 miles per day with a maximum daily mileage of 171 miles. Average speed was over 18 mph. That record still stands. As do the 30 and 100 mile Team Records held between McLean and Thomson. Arnie Thomson predicts the 100 mile Team Record will be smashed this year by Kenny Armstrong and Calum Hume with a third man or woman in the Scottish ‘100’ in August. He says “It’s long overdue and has stood since 1981. If it falls it would be a fitting tribute to the club’s 85th anniversary and would complete a truly amazing year for Ayr Roads”. The members in the photograph are, left to right: Alan Bonsor, Bobby McLean, Malcolm Inch and Arnie Thomson. A re-union is planned, but the whereabouts of Alan Bonsor is unknown. If anyone has a contact number for him, please contact 07801582311.

Without any open events on the club calendar last week end, club members were restricted to club events, with others enjoying a week of leisurely cycling. 
In the club events, the confined evening 10 mile Time Trial, produced a number of excellent times, with Kenny Armstrong winning in 21 minutes 23 seconds. Kenny had already taken 9th place in the Scottish National 50 mile championship on the previous Sunday.
Lynne Wardrop the club’s National Team Gold Medallist produced a personal best on the Loans course with a time of 23.46.
Sadly Lynne’s Team colleague, Toni McIntosh sustained a broken collar bone in an RTA and is likely to be out of of competition for some weeks.
Times were:

1st Kenny Armstrong 21.23
2nd Alex McAllister 22.31
3rd Calum Hume 22.37
4th Jody Gerrard 23.03
5th Alistair McGibbon 23.11
6th Lynne Wardrop 23 46
7th Tom G. Hill 24.20
8th Robert Kelly 24.33
9th John Mason 25.47
10th Stephen Maclean 25.27 pb 

In the club’s league competition, the recent Irvine Criterium saw points going to:

1 Craig Robertson
2 Michael Curran
3 Greg Henderson 
4 Bobby McGhee
5 Alex McAllister 

The season’s long club Best All-Rounder championship, is currently being led by Kenny Armstrong

27.22 mph Kenny Armstrong
25.35 mph Alex McAllister
24.85 mph Calum Hume
24.17 mph Toni McIntosh
23.77 mph Lynne Wardrop
22.81 mph Janet Erskine

24.70 mph Toni McIntosh
24.31 mph Lynne Wardrop
23.14 mph Janet Erskine

On the leisurely scene club members took in the East Ayrshire and Lanarkshire roads heading to Strathaven. And other groups visited the club hut at Pinwherry on two occasions. The first for its annual maintenance once over and on the second to attend a birthday spree for Vic Possee. The Northern Ireland members enjoyed two good days in the rural parts of County Down and Strangford Loch. 
Club members Calum Hume and Alex McAllister head for the Alps this week, with others heading for the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Their exploits are awaited.