Ballantrae bowlers draw season to a close

The prize winners for 2014 at Ballantrae Bowling club.
The prize winners for 2014 at Ballantrae Bowling club.

Ballantrae Bowling Club closed their green on Saturday 4 October.

A game of bowls was played, with sweep winners of the day being Eddie McCulloch and Roberta McDowall. This was followed by a buffet and then presentation of prizes for the year.

Prize winners for 2014:

A.P Stewart Shield.

Winners: S Agnew + H McClung

Runners- Up: K Brown + F Agnew

Davina’s Trophy

Winners: K Brown + H McClung

R-Up: R Doak + A McCulloch

Ladies Pairs

Winners: H McClung + A McCulloch

R-Up: F Agnew + E King

Gents Pairs:

Winners: R Doak + D Murray

R- Up: J King + J McCulloch

Triples Cup:

Winners: K Brown, R Barr + K Balfour

R- Up: J King, D Murray + E King

R. Kilday Trophy

Winners: A McCulloch + F Agnew

R- Up: G Agnew + C Brown

Lyle Trophy:

Winners: S Agnew, F Agnew + E King

R- Up: G Agnew, H McClung + C Brown

Alex Stewart Trophy

Winners: R Barr + F Hirst

R- Up: J King + C Brown


Winners: P Dodds + K Balfour

R- Up: K Brown + C Brown

King Trophy

Winners: P Dodds + K Balfour

R-Up: S Agnew + F Agnew

McRobbie Cup

Winners: J King + F Agnew

R-Up: A Hirst + H McClung

Sunday League:

Winner Gent: J King

Winner Ladies: E King

Winner Junior: K Balfour

Wednesday League:

Winner Gents: J King

Winner Ladies: H McClung

Winners Junior: K Balfour+ J McCulloch

Thursday League

Winner Gents: G Parker

Winner Ladies: H McClung

Two Bowl Singles

Winner: F Agnew

R- Up: K Brown

Junior Cup

Winner: J McCulloch

R- Up: K Balfour

McCulloch Cup

Winner: E McCulloch

R- Up: P Dodds

Mixed Singles

Winner: F Agnew

R- Up: G Agnew

Mens Championship

Winner: P Dodds

R- Up: S Agnew

Ladies Championship

Winner: A McCulloch

R-Up: H McClung