Classic victory for Girvan member Stephen

Stephen Hopkins (Left) winner of the Ailsa Trophy and John Ralston winner of the Carrick Herald Quaich at the Girvan golf classic.
Stephen Hopkins (Left) winner of the Ailsa Trophy and John Ralston winner of the Carrick Herald Quaich at the Girvan golf classic.

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Girvan Classic run by South Ayrshire Council was held over the Girvan Course in excellent weather.

In the handicap section for the Ailsa Trophy, Steven Hopkins of Girvan Golf Club came in with a nett aggregate score of 174 over the three rounds to pick up the trophy.

Steven was followed by Jim Browning of Loudoun Gowf Club nett 185 and Campbell Swan of Whitehill Golf Club on 189. In the scratch section for the Carrick Herald Quaich John Ralston aggregate 197 came in to pick up the Quaich followed by Steven Stamper of Turnberry Golf Club on 204 and Liam James of Dudley Golf Club on 207. There were many other prizes each day for nearest the pin etc. too numerous to report on but no doubt most welcome to the recipients.

At Turnberry the club has been winding down its competitions over the Ailsa course which is now closed for renovation. The Saturday medal, the last medal to be played over the Ailsa course, John Broadfoot on (5)71 came in to win and prove his mastery of this course no doubt hoping that he can do the same when the new Ailsa course opens.

John was followed by Andrew MacDuff (10)72, John Foster (16)72 and David Nelson (5)72. The last competition over the Ailsa Course was held last Sunday as a team event and I hope to post the result next week.

Turnberry juniors have been competing for their championship with, on the Kintyre course, Euan Ferguson beat the Girvan Club Junior Champion Robbie Allan to become Turnberry Golf Club Junior Champion. In the handicap section over the Arran course Max Barclay beat Daniel Long to become the Club’s Junior Handicap champion. In the Junior medal on 7th. September played over the Kintyre course Rachel Foster came in with the winning score of (27)65 followed by Joe Zonfrillo (24)70, and William Jamieson (27)71. The junior mid-month medal on 20th. September, Daniel Long came in to win on 916)72 followed by Max Barclay (31)75 and Reuben Lindsay (8)77. All good scores from an active junior section.

The Turnberry Sunset Trophy final was played on 5th. September with D. Pitman coming in as winner.

This coming Sunday will be the first round of the George Sprunt Memorial Invitation Sweepstake competition over the Girvan course Remember that the first thirty players qualify for the final on 18th. October. Also remember that all cards must be in the box in the clubhouse no later than thirty minutes after the final game finishes. All non season ticket holders must pay the green fee and any disputes or queries must be referred to the Committee whose decision will be final. Good luck and enjoy competing in good company.


Tom Watson on golf in the Golf Digest of 1976, ’Never give up, if we give up in this game, we’ll give up on life. If you give up that first time, it’s easier to give up the second, third and fourth times’. Could not have put it better myself, just keep at it and it will get better.


It is with great sadness that I have to mention the deaths of two golfing partners who were also good friends, Bert Martin and George Brown. Bert was a quiet unassuming man who was a respectable golfer and very good company both on and off the golf course. Unfortunately Bert had not been in good health of late and it sadly got the better of him. He will be missed.

George Brown as everyone knows was for many years Golf course manager, head green keeper and also a very good golfer at the Turnberry Club.

George was one of the last of the golf professional cum green keeper which were much in favour on the smaller courses when I was young taking up the game. The green keeper would look after the course during the day and give lessons in the late afternoon and evening.

George was very knowledgeable both on green keeping and playing golf, had been chairman of the green keepers association, was on the panel judging green keepers for qualifications, but once confided in me that he had not one qualification to his name.

I could hardly believe it but then George was a very intelligent man with a vast amount of experience at all levels of course management so he would be well qualified for any job within his talents. I often used to chat with George and sometime played golf with him but he was well above my league. I had a new knee and complained to him that I had great difficulty in getting myself, not the ball, out of his soft sanded bunkers.

Shortly afterwards George had a new knee and told me that he well understood my difficulty. George also suffered ill health at the end and his passing will leave a big gap in a lot of people’s lives. Both the aforementioned were true gentlemen both on and off the course and I will certainly miss them..

What a weekend of good weather we have had, suncream would have been very much in demand as well as water.

But with winter coming get out there and enjoy it remembering to take the club back slowly.

George Sprunt Tee Off Times

Medal Tees

08.00 W Allan, B Mills, A McKenzie

08.08 S White, S Hamilton, K McLoed

08.16 D Heron, P Morrison

08.24 S Johnston, A Copland, D MacIntyre

08.32 A Clark, J Pringle, J Fyfe Jnr

08.40 P Miller, B Hughes, G Sargant

08.48 R Smith, G Campbell, G Boyle

08.56 A Macfarlane, A Mathie, C Campbell

09.04 D Clark, H Dunlop, A McDowall

09.12 R Cronie, W Hewitson, M Craig

09.20 M Cochrane, A McFarlane

09.28 R McLeish Jnr, L McAllan, C Savage

09.36 S Simpson, A Boyd, P Zonfrillo

09.44 K Doyle, D Nelson, R McCluskey

09.52 W McCluskey, T Scobie, S Simpson

10.00 J Lafferty, D Malcom, A Bush

10.08 T McFeely, G Milligan

10.16 W Robb, C Morgan, H Boyd

10.24 T Stewart, G Morgan, J Wallace

10.32 P Norris, A Forbes, D Logan

10.40 J Cameron, D Lavery, R Hutchinson

10.48 B Taylor, W Roberts, J Rae

10.56 I McLoed, P Weaney, E Ramsay

11.04 R Aird, S Hunter, M Lothian

11.12 T Joyce, W McDines, C McVicar

11.20 T Wason, D Semple

11.28, Sponsor x3