Club championships played at Girvan and Turnberry

Liz Brown on the left and Eleanor Heggie
Liz Brown on the left and Eleanor Heggie

The Girvan Golf Club Gents Championship came to a conclusion last Friday with Stuart White on a total of 273 becoming Club Champion.

A feat he has accomplished a few times in the past. Last Year’s Champion Gregor Mackintosh came in runner-up on 276 followed by Bobby McLeish 281 and Robert McMaster 283.

In the second class Championship Henry McMaster came in to take the trophy on 317 followed by Allan Clark 318, Michael Morgan 320 and John McKie 331.

The Handicap trophy went to John Madden on nett 251 followed by Kyle McCreadie 254, David Clark 257 and Bobby McLeish also on 257.

Congratulations to Stuart White, Henry McMaster and John Madden for being champions in their class but also to all who took part. The Club also appreciates the hard work put in by their Match Secretary Robert McMaster in running the competition so efficiently.

In the W.D. McKie Old Street Garage trophy Jamie Galloway (18)65 came into win followed by Stuart White (2)66 and James Baillie (10)66. The Club’s grateful thanks must go to Andrew McKie for generously continuing to sponsor this trophy. In the Dalquharren Cup Stuart White came in with the winning score (2)62 followed by Robert McCluskey (8)62, David Nelson (5)63 and John Madden (9)63.

At Turnberry the Ladies Club Championship final was between Liz Brown and Eleanor Heggie. Liz won 2&1 to win the championship for the third year in a row.

The Bronze Championship was between Jenny Morgan on the left and Anne Mackenzie. Anne Mackenzie won 4&3.


Lee Trevino who was not only an excellent golfer, an Open winner and a very attractive personality to follow round a golf course ‘To me, the (British) Open is the tournament I would come to if I had to leave a month before and swim over’.


Well with all this good weather the grass is growing and so is the rough over at the Girvan course. I keep getting complaints but there is little I personally can do about it. I do know that golfers say that a lot of pleasure has gone out of playing what was always considered to be one of the most attractive seaside courses. Yes the fairways are wider and a good golfer should have no trouble in keeping out of trouble. But both young beginners and more elderly golfers cannot always find the fairways.

It is still a good course but the rough is unfair and far too penalising. Hopefully something can be done about it before golfers start looking for a more amenable course to play golf on. In the meantime take plenty of balls with you when you go out to play.