Colmonell curlers prizegiving night

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Colmonell Curling Club held its annual dinner and prizegiving for 2015/2016 recently.

The club’s annual general meeting will be held on Sunday 28th August, 8pm at Dalfask Farm, all welcome.

This year’s prizewinners were;

Corwar Cup; William Hurcomb (skip), Grace Hurcomb, Robert Clachan, Andrew Logan

Rams Horn; Iain Yuille (skip), Ronald Campbell, Andrew Maclean, Billy Benson

Gold medal; Fraser Mitchell (skip), David Gregg, Andrew Logan, Liz Yuille

Silver Medal; Margaret Logan (skip), Iain Yuille, Liz Gregg, Johnnie Logan

Coffee Jug; Iain Yuille (skip), William Hurcomb, Elaine Howat, Alan Clark

The Curler; Richard Wilson (skip), Andrew Logan

Thomson Cup; Johnnie Logan(skip), David Logan, Elaine Howat, Alan Clark

Snuff Box; William Hurcomb (skip), Fraser Mitchell, David Noble, Margaret Logan

A P Stewart; William Hurcomb (skip), Ian Buchanan, Hugh Gregg, Liz Gregg

Pairs Winner’s - Ronald Campbell and David Noble. Runners Up- Johnnie Logan and Elaine Howat

Ladies Salver; Grace Hurcomb (skip), Margaret Logan , Christine Robertson, Liz Gregg

Ladies Brooch; Liz Yuille(skip), Janice Campbell, Elaine Boast, Kara Compton