Competitions continue in fine weather for golf

Last Sunday was a fine day for golf with many entries for the Girvan gents August medal the result of which will be in next week’s report.

Over at Turnberry in the Wednesday medal B. Young came with the winning score of (12)66 followed by S. Mitchell (22)68 and N. Brown (14)68.

B. Young had the lowest gross score of the round with 78. Meanwhile Turnberry Juniors had a medal round on the 6th. August with Daniel Long coming in with the winning score of (15)67 followed by Max Barclay (21)68, Euan Ferguson (3)69 and Kyle Brown (5)70. Euan Ferguson had the lowest gross score of the round on 72.


Eamonn Darcy the Irish Ryder Cup golfer and winner of many tournaments had a most unorthodox swing which was once described by a golf commentator as ‘He swings like an octopus falling from a tree.’ Never mind the criticism as Eamonn Darcey won many tournaments with his octopus like swing and played in the Ryder Cup.


We talk about how Donald Trump wishes to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America, which makes me wonder what he would think of the likes of Loreno Ochoa, a Mexican lady golfer of some note.

Loreno was born in Mexico in 1981, learned her golf from Rafael Alarcon who had represented Mexico in the Dunhill Cup. Well his pupil became the Mexican no.1 lady golfer went on from strength to strength becoming the Women’s Open Champion in 2007 and in two thirds of the tournaments she entered was in the top ten.

Loreno was a very happy person and always welcomed the media with a big smile and ‘Hello everyone’. Nothing fazed her and even under pressure she never gave the appearance of any strain.

Loreno regularly went behind the scenes at big tournaments in America often having breakfast in the green keepers hut because she appreciated that most of the ground staff were Mexicans.

For some reason best known to herself in April 2010 Loreno Ochoa declared that at the ripe old age of 28 and the World’s N0.1 lady golfer she was going to retire and devote herself to her family giving a lot of her winnings to charity.

She was known to have raised the stature of the ladies game not only in Mexico but in the whole world. What a lady, I have watched her play golf many times on TV and was amazed at her calm approach to every shot. Loreno Ochoa certainly knew how to enjoy her sport whilst playing golf at the highest level. Those like Mexican Loreno Ochoa bring credit to the game.