Dailly club opening

During the bad flooding in December Dailly Bowling Club members were horrified to find their clubhouse under three feet of water.

All carpets, flooring, fridges, freezers and seating were in a terrible condition. There was even a ditch wall smashed down due to the force of the water.

The committee are pleased to announce that due to the dedication and hard work by the members it has now been totally refurbished and is ready for the season ahead.

The club would like to extend a big thank you to Willie Gray of Dailly for his excellent help and to Councillor Alec Clark for his help and advice, he is a real credit to the community. As some lockers were damaged the committee would ask any past members or their relatives to come and empty their lockers rather than have bowls, bags clothing etc thrown out. Saturday, April 30 at 1.30pm will see the opening day and all members are asked to attend. New members and visitors will be made very welcome. If anyone wishes to try the game just wear flat shoes and bowls and tuition will be provided.