Darts league underway in Girvan

The Girvan and District Darts league officialy got underway on Monday night with the start of the John Stewart cup between the Vaults and the Hammy in the preliminary round.

With a summer of transfer activity in the league both these teams looked strong at the start of the night but it was the Vaults who impressed most with a comfortable victory winning 6-1 after the singles and 8-2 overall.


John stewart cup

preliminary round

Vaults 8 - Hammy 2

Best darts; 18 D Fatterson, 19 S McCluskey,21 J Taylor,22 JP Gourlay; 94 checkout; J Taylor

Next week’s fixtures

John Stewart first round

Vaults v Athletic A

Harbour bar v Kings barr

Athletic b v Royal

Victory bar v Boarshead