Darts round up

Girvan and district darts league results

Round up for weeks 18 and 19:

Athletic B 4-6 Victory Bar; Greenside 4-6 Vaults; Hamilton 4-6 Boars; The Vic 5-5 Athletic A

Athletic A 8-2 Boars; Hamilton 3-7 Greenside; The Vic 6-4 Athletic B; Vaults 5-5 Victory Bar

Checkouts: 129 J McDowall, 120 C Allan, 116 A McCulloch, 110 C Clark, 109 J McMillan, 108 A McLeish, 102 R Skilling, 98 K Reid, W Roberts Jnr, 98 J Mitchell, 94 L Mooney.

180s: S Robertson, R Skilling, A McCulloch, R Beauchamp, D Harkness.

Best Darts: 13 L Mooney 15 J McDowall, S Robertson, J Mitchell 17 K Reid, A McCulloch, R McCluskey, S Robertson 18 J McMillan, S McCluskey 19 A Eadie, R

Ferguson, S McCreadie, D Harkness 20 S McCreadie x2, P McCluskey, L Allan, J Clowes 21 A McCulloch x2, A McEwan, C Clark x2, R Beauchamp, J Farnes, J McMillan, A Eadie 22 L Wilson, B McLeish, D Harkness, C Clark, JP Gourlay, D Paterson x2, J Clowes, R Skilling 23 H Little, A Sloan, L Allan, D McCrorie, S Paterson 24 J McCulloch x2, R Skilling x2, R McCluskey, L McWilliam, A McLeish, A McGinlay.