Dogfish help Bob to win

It seems that the dire situation on the sea fishing front could be about to change with a half decent bag coming to the scales at the latest Peever match. Bob Drennan took his maximum five dogfish limit plus three flounder for a first place with 12lb 08oz. Second was Andy Scott, 8lb 09oz; third, Leigh Field, 4lb 12oz.

The heaviest fish, a flounder at just over 2lb, came to the scales with Bob Drennan. Dogfish were the mainstay of the results and, love them or hate them, it seems the summer contingent has arrived.

Often looked upon as a nuisance fish that can seem to be in plague proportions at times, the humble “doggy” has swelled many a match bag and brightened up the day of countless youngsters as they lift their first one ashore.

Hooking two or even three at a time isn’t uncommon and can mislead an angler into thinking he has latched onto the fish of a lifetime. Dogfish will take just about any bait you offer them but fish baits seem to have an edge, mackerel or sand eel being a favourite among locals.

The bigger stamp of pollock should be making their way back to the summer haunts after wintering offshore. Look for deep water marks straight off the rocks and spin lures or jelly worms but don’t cast too far: more often than not the fish will be right under your feet. Keep the lure deep and vary the retrieve rate.

Big Slabs

Pike are stirring at last in the lochs and one lucky Castle Douglas rod bagged three in a session on Loch Ken with the biggest turning the scales at just over 8lb. Tactics were ledgered mackerel baits. Woodhall Loch hasn’t seen much action from anglers but this should change as the warmer weather begins to kick in. Three Lochs is providing some good sport with bream at the moment mostly in the 2lb-3lb class but the bigger slabs should be stirring any day now. Fish either maggot, worm or paste over the top of a good bed of ground bait. If the bream come on hard, keep the ground bait and loose feed going in or they will move on. If you are lucky enough to fish a water with a head of carp in it, expect some premier action in the late afternoon as the fish cruise the top layers of the water enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. Floating baits are the real adrenalin buzz associated with this type of carp fishing.

Early Frosts

Jack’s Fishery is proving to be a bit hit and miss just now, due, in all probability, to the clear overnight skies resulting in an early frost putting the fish down but the fish are very active once the water warms up. If you don’t get a take after a while, ring the changes until you find a fly that will do the business.

No reports from association waters this week. The river level has dropped again and will put anglers off until a drop of rain pushes fresh into the system and gets the salmon on the move. If you want your club or association to feature here with news of any up coming matches/results, pictures of catches, send to peter.