Even Probus golfers didn’t venture out

It is so long since I held a golf club that I shall have to spend some time in the driving range, particularly the chipping area.

It is not that the course is shut, just that the weather has been so wet and windy let alone cold that the wish to go out and expose myself to the elements is not tempting.

You can well appreciate that no golf competitions have been entered this past week even the Probus golfers did not venture out. Hopefully the weather will smile upon us soon so that the clubs can be brought out of the various cupboards, otherwise we will forget where we stored them.


Sam Snead on his birthplace in the mountains of Virginia, ’The valleys are so narrow that the dogs have to wag their tales up and down’.

Lee Trevino on his golf swing ‘No one who ever had lessons would have a swing like mine’. Now we all know that Lee Trevino had a unique swing, but for him it worked so there is no place here for criticism.


We must always look on the bright side as presumably, let me say that again, presumably summer is on its way. However it has given me the opportunity to do some reading and in his book on putting Willie Park junior, who graced golf courses over one hundred years ago, stated that ‘The older professionals had to play on greens not only as nature made them, but absolutely as nature kept them’.

When you compare the greens we play on today as against those our grandfathers played on there is no comparison as our tees are sometimes in better shape than their greens. You have to bear in mind that in the early days you teed up for the next hole two club lengths from the previous hole which meant that you could be teeing up on the green. That could not do much for the greens and you can imagine the horror on a green keepers face to be confronted by someone doing that.

Another piece of wisdom from the pen of Willie Park is that at the time he was playing matches, he used to practice on his private putting green which had six holes of various lengths with each hole three and a half inches in diameter instead of the regulation four and a quarter inches. After practicing on these small holes the regulation holes appeared as large as wash-tubs. So you see great golfers were having trouble in putting a century and more ago.

It is therefore something endemic in the game and not just myself who is infected. That is a relief and I can now go out and do a Willie Park ie. ‘Do not look up to see if the ball is going into the hole, but expect to find it in’. No matter how you putt, and believe me everyone does it differently, just go out and enjoy your golf not minding about a little rain, wind etc.