Flag day for Girvan ladies

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Last Sunday the first round of the George Sprunt Memorial Invitation Sweepstake was held in very mixed weather conditions with some even having that scarce commodity this season, rain.

However the following gentlemen qualified for the final with Andy Mathie earning himself a bottle of spirit for having the best nett score . A. Mathie (5)60, P. McCloy (8)61, M. Cochrane (13)61, J. Roberts (11)61, M. Kennedy (10), D. Taylor (5)62, R. Scott (5) 63, J. Wilson,(7)63, J. Lafferty (10)63, K. Hamilton(+1)64, A. Gaff (4)64, A. Nimmo (10)64, D. Hamilton (7)64, R. Hutchinson (15)64, A. Pickles (12)64, J. Wallace (4)64, R. McMaster (7)64, G. Andrew (10)64, W. McMeikan (1)64, J.D. Crawford (15)64, G. Milligan (14)64, K. Catling (5)65, M. White (14)65, A. Wilson (13)65, G. Macintosh (3)65, W. McCluskey (13)66, Jam. Brown (18)66, D. Nelson (6)66, T. Scobie (15)66 and G. Stewart (6)66 They will have to wait until after the second round to see their tee time and playing partners.

There have been so many alterations to the second round of this competition that competitors will have to look on the Girvan Golf Club’s notice board to see their tee time and playing partners. However as for last week all non-season ticket holders must pay their green fee before play, check and sign your card before putting it in the box in the clubhouse which must be done before 30 minutes has elapsed after the final game ends, the first 30 players qualify for the final with if necessary the thirtieth place decided by the better inward half.

Any disputes queries etc. must be referred to the Committee whose decision will be final and all competitors must hold a current SGU handicap. But most important of all is to enjoy your game in good company.

In the Girvan Golf Club gents September medal D. Inglis came in to win with (13)61 followed by J. Fyfe (22)61, J. Brown (6)62, J. Crawford (15)63, J. McCrindle (7)64. Jim Brown had the best scratch score of the round.

Girvan gents are reminded that the Heneage Medal for all medal winners and runners up over the past twelve months will be played on 29th. September and a list of all the qualifiers is on the Club notice board.

Girvan ladies held a ‘Flag Competition’ which as far as I can see is where you play the course and the winner is the competitor who gets the furthest before their handicap runs out. No doubt the ladies will correct me if I am wrong.

It was a very tight game and went to the 17th green before the leading contenders ran out of strokes the winner being determined by who was closest to the hole. Elinor Heggie again came in triumphant with Roz McCulloch in second place followed by Anne Bush and Isobel Connor in joint third place.

Turnberry Golf Club Autumn Meeting resulted in a win for Alistair Reid (10)69 followed by Scott Brown (+2)70, Tom Wason (8)74 and John Broadfoot (4)72. Alistair Reid thereby wins the R.H.U. Stevenson Perpetual Cup.

In The Harold Dykes Stableford competition Charlie Jack came in to pick up the trophy with (15) 39 points followed by Alan Forbes (11)36, Stewart Jardine (11)34 and Peter Wiseman (9)34.

The Turnberry Staff Club held their August medal on the 28th. August which brought in Marc Barr (15)64 as the overall winner followed by Andrew Stratton (12)73 runner-up. Division 1 .Kenny MacAskill won with (+2)77, Division 2 Will Barker, Martin Lothian and Bernie Mills all came in with nett 80, Division 3 was won by James Johnston (17)79 and in Division 4 Richard Murnin won on (23)76. Marc Barr beat Martin Lothian to win the Club handicap championship whilst in the scratch championship Kenny MacAskill beat Colin McKeller 5 and 4 in one semi final with the other between Peter Doig and John Dunlop still to be played.


‘When you go on that first tee and you’re feeling bad, you know for sure that the guys you are playing are feeling just as bad’. Sam Torrance commenting on the strain in playing in the Ryder Cup.


You will have appreciated from the above that the Turnberry staff have a very active golf club enjoying the benefits of the championship courses for which they provide an excellent service.

Well I understand that next Tuesday there will be a very hard fought game in the semi final of the pairs match play championship. On one side is my illustrious caddy master partnered by Paul Mellor, you can appreciate why the caddy master does so well in these competitions as he always manages to pick a good partner.

In this match they will certainly have to be on form if they are to beat the strong pairing of Ian McVittie and Dennis McCaffrey. The odds are on the caddy master to win, but he will need all his ingenuity if he and Paul are to beat the dynamic duo of Ian and Dennis who are not to be easily dismissed. The result of this event will be reported by me in due course.