Ayr United Football Academy to help local children

Ayr United's Somerset Park will host children for matches
Ayr United's Somerset Park will host children for matches

Ayr United Football Academy has partenered up with national charity Heart Research UK to help Scottish school children learn more about their hearts.

Ayr United Football Academy (AUFA) has received £7000 to help local school children in some of the most deprived and remote areas in South Ayrshire learn how to keep themselves and their hearts healthy.

The newly-promoted Ayr United’s Football club’s charity arm has been awarded a Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Heart Grant to run its ‘Pump It Up’ programme for 10-12 year-olds in up to 10 schools across the county.

Children will learn how hard the heart works to pump blood around the body and why exercise and eating healthy is so important to keep the blood flow going, in a programme that will combine engaging, educational workshops with football.

Local school children will also get the chance to design their own original snack bars, learn what makes a healthy lunch and host a school swap shop.
they will also take home skills cards to learn different ways of keeping active at home.

A multi-school league table will track progress and reward star players with a trip to an Ayr United game, culminating in a football festival on the pitch at Somerset Park.

Ross Armour, football development officer at Ayr United Football Academy, said: “As part of the local community, Ayr United Football Academy wanted parents and children to be honest about their heart health. There are a lot of ways to teach health but we believe the best way is to live it – get kids playing, get them designing their own food and get them exploring the workings of their own heartbeat.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of Heart Research UK and Subway. This funding means we can reach an area where choosing healthy food or getting to a sports club is a tough game. We’re hopeful we can turn the clock on heart disease in Ayrshire.”

Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Heart Grants provide up to £10,000 to local community projects.

It’s made up of donations from customers in Subway stores across Scotland and the nationwide Subway Helping Hearts Family 5K fun runs. The money is then reinvested back into local communities.