Fans welcome league vote postponement

the Honest Men Trust have welcomed the decision by the SPL clubs to postpone the vote over league reconstruction.

Football supporters reacted angrily to plans to form two ten-team leagues, SPL 1 and SPL 2, after making their views known that they wished to see a bigger league created.

Ayr United Fans’ Group believe the decision is a testament to fan power. Trust Chairman Callum Yorke said: “With painful frequency, the views of fans continued to be ignored. It displays astonishing arrogance that SPL chief Neil Doncaster and the chairmen of certain SPL clubs were determined to proceed with plans for a top league of ten clubs when fans are so patently against the idea.”

A survey of almost 5,000 football fans throughout Scotland showed that 88 per cent of fans oppose reverting back to top league of ten clubs.

Mr Yorke continued: “Thankfully, some clubs in the SPL have said enough is enough. A top tier of ten clubs has been tried before and it didn’t work. It resulted in negative football with declining attendances.”

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