Gap narrows at the top

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In the William Grants league the gap was closed back to three points after Athletic A had a free week.

The Vic won 9-1 up at the Vaults, Athletic B won 10-0 away to the royal, Boars beat Kings 8-2 and Hammy beat Harbour Bar 8-2.

best darts - 16 and 21, S Robertson, 16 A McDowall, 16 P McCluskey, 16 J McDowall, C Gunion 18, 20 K Taylor and S Robertson.

highest checkout -100 C Gunion

Next week’s fixtures-

Athletic B v Boarshead

Vaults v Harbour Bar

Victory Bar v Athletic A

Royal v Kings Barr

The Christmas pairs darts doubles competition is on friday 27th december at the Hammy; £200 winners, £100 r/ups and many more prizes. Names in before 6:15pm, first game 6:30pm. Names to 07864566198