Girvan 1998s victorious in Scottish Cup

Tuesday night saw Ayr Juniors travel down to take on Girvan Youth on league duty.

Girvan were without McCulloch who’s still out injured but thankfully have a big squad.

This was to be Girvan’s best performance of the season so far with Girvan totally dominating this match from start to finish.

Connor Gracie opened the scoring after 10 minutes and soon after that Jamie Dorans got the first of three goals - he was to get another two before half time.

Ross Kelly scored after the interval, Matthew Taylor made it six with a stunning strike and Ross Kelly finished the game with another to make the final score Girvan Youth 7 Ayr Juniors 0. Man of the match was Jamie Dorans.

Girvan Youth 1998s were in action at the weekend in the First Round of the Scottish Cup against last a very strong Tass Braves.

In a display that can only be described as magnificent the Girvan Boys were victorious with a 2-0 win.

Girvan dominated the game from start to finish with a display of determination and endurance.

They had a lot of chances in the first fifteen minutes with Gracie, McAvoy and Rice testing the defence when suddenly a pass in from Gracie onto Rice ricocheted between the posts before being pounded into the net by Taylor to ensure the goal decision was awarded by the referee.

Girvan maintained the pressure to half time with strong defensive action from Smith, Storrie and Barrett ensuring that the talented Tass strikers could not get through the defence.

Half time saw Girvan up one nil and a motivating talk from the coaching team saw them set up for the second half against a re-focused Tass team.

Pressure built in the second half with the ball rarely out of the Girvan half for the first 20 minutes and requiring Gillespie to use all his goal keeping skills to maintain Girvan’s clean sheet.

Smith was on fire dominating the park and was now joined, after an impressive midfield first half by Dorans in defence who tracked the fast paced strikers out of the game.

Girvan’s midfield of Taylor and Hamilton fired up in the second half slotting some stunning balls through; one of which Rice nicely converted to put Girvan up 2-0 with twenty minutes to go.

Tass pressured the Girvan defence continuously through the remainder of the game and despite some questionably refereeing decisions the Girvan boys kept them out and had another few strong attacks on the Tass goals before the referee’s whistle finally blew to award victory and a place in the second round to Girvan.

What made this victory even more amazing was Girvan were without McCulloch, Kelly, Allison and Tisor so well done to all the boys.

Man of the Match this week was Jack Smith followed closely by David Gillespie and the rest of the team.

Girvan are at home to Caledonian Thistle on Thursday night then away to Stewarton on Saturday.