Girvan catching up after the flood

Autumn is approaching and with the wind and rain that usually accompanies it, playing golf will become more difficult.

However the Girvan Gents Open, the Stevenson Trophy, was played in excellent conditions and as reported produced a very good winner in John Shanks on 59. This is a competition the Girvan Golf Club is very proud to host and in these days when club attendances are falling it would be unthinkable for the Stevenson to fall by the wayside. The Club is therefore fortunate to have willing sponsors who play a very important part in keeping it alive and the Club’s appreciation and thanks to them has been well recorded by the Club Captain Jason Roberts.

With the weather at the beginning of the year flooding the Girvan course many competitions had to be postponed and with the current good weather the Club is quickly catching up. The February medal was played on Tuesday 5th. August with Michael Morgan coming in to win with 41 Stableford points followed by Tam Scobie 40 points, Jim Lafferty 39 points and James Baillie 38 points. The August medal due to be played last Sunday only had five entries and has accordingly been postponed to Tueday 19th. August..

The Girvan Golf Club fixture changes are as follows; September medal 31st August, 36 hole round 1 Sunday 7th September with round 2 on Sunday 14th September, the October medal 18th October, The Lloyd Wilson 26th October and the November medal 9th November. The next Committee meeting of the Club will be Sunday 31st August at 5.30pm and anyone wishing to have a matter discussed at this meeting should take it up with a committee member.

The Girvan ladies do not let the weather interfere with their play as for them it dare not rain on a golf course. This was evident when they recently played the Royden Trophy which brought in Catharine McCrindle on nett 61 as winner followed by Elinor Heggie 68, with a better inward half than Roz McCulloch also on 68, and Isobel Kyle 69.

On Monday with heavy rain threatening but not actually happening the Girvan Probus went over to take on the might of Dad’s Army over Brunston Castle golf course. Unfortunately the Probus came away with their tails between their legs as Dad’s Army won by six games to one. However events such as these are mainly sociable and everyone enjoyed lunch afterwards and were grateful to Linda for her organization of the whole event.


Tom Watson in 1987 on the problems he was having with his golf swing. ‘My golf swing is a bit like ironing a shirt. You get one side smoothed out, turn it over and there is a big wrinkle on the other side. Then you iron that one out turn it over and there is yet another wrinkle.’

I can well understand his frustration as I am sure most men have faced that problem at some time or another.


There are a lot of us who are not at their brightest in the early morning hours. Yet strangely it is easier to be up at 6am for an early tee time than a 9am rise for work.

Shanking is one of the most infuriating things that can happen to any one on a golf course. You have a little chip on to the green from only a few yards away, it is a shot you have long practiced and know that you can get the ball close to the hole. Then without warning you have a shank and the ball finishes further from the hole than it was to start with. Anger rises within you as you are aware that you are likely to shank the next shot as well which makes you wonder why you play this silly game. But just forget it and do not read this article immediately before going out to play. I was told about a certain Mr Armitage who was a keen golfer but would never go to the toilet before playing golf. But in spite of all the problems you may face on a golf course, just go out and enjoy the game.

Well there you are, I will not have to look out my old leather football boots with the solid toes as Ayr United comfortably beat Morton 1-0.

Now it was not just a lucky goal as Ayr were to my mind the better team for most of the game. You could see that the part timers were struggling a bit near the end, but with a team of golden oldies and schoolboys they did very well against a team who are one of the favourites for promotion.