Girvan club hosts AGM

The recent weather has played havoc with the game, preventing all those keen golfers from trying out the new golfing toys they received at Christmas.

It is difficult to appreciate how good a golf club is in high winds and rain. You need relatively calm dry conditions to fully appreciate a new club’s worth.

Girvan Golf Club held their annual general meeting last Sunday in the 19th Hole courtesy of Stanley and Margaret Milligan.

The usual people turned up and all had the opportunity to have their say.

It was agreed that the following be elected: Chairman-J. Galloway, Secretary-W. Tait, Treasurer-Mrs. V. Connor, Subscription Secretary-B.Mills, Junior Convener-W. McMeikan, Gents Captain-G. Mackintosh, Vice Captain- J. Baillie, Match Secretary-R. McMaster, Committee-G. Andrew, D. Clark, J. Galloway, W. McMeikan, R. McMaster, B. Mills, K. Morgan, W. Tait, M. White and Past Captain J. Roberts. Ladies Captain and Secretary- Ms. J. Bone, Treasurer-Mrs. K. Thomson, Handicap Secretary-Mrs. L Gordon, Committee- R. McCulloch, E. Heggie, J. McCrorie, S. Low, C. Ramsay, M. McAlpine and Past Captain A. Bush.

The Treasurer Mrs. V. Connor commented on the financial position and it was agreed that an increase in subscription was necessary. It was also agreed that the ladies and gents subscriptions be the same..

Chairman J. Galloway thanked everyone for their attendance and complimented Mr. & Mrs Milligan for the excellent way they managed the 19th. Hole which was of great benefit to the Club and added that the members should give them as much support as they can.


“Sam Snead’s got more money buried underground than I ever made on top. He’s got gophers in his backyard who subscribe to Fortune magazine. He’s packed more coffee cans than Brazil.”

That was Arnold Palmer in 1963 concerning how quiet Sam Snead was on his earnings.

Sam Snead himself commented: “Where I lived near Bald Knob the roads got littler and littler until they just ran up a tree.

“Big cities were something I had just heard about.” Sam once asked how they managed to get a picture of himself in New York as he had never been there.



A very interesting book to read, that is apart from The History of Girvan & Ballantrae Golf Clubs, is the book on The Original Rules of Golf which not only covers the origins of golf but lists the Articles & Laws In Playing At Golf as per the Gentlemen Golfers Of Edinburgh 1744.

In this book there are 13 rules, some may say an unfortunate number, but consider the number there are today. We find in the current rule book some 34 rules within which there are sub-rules etc, but in fact there are enough definitions which take up some 46 pages before we actually come to the rules themselves. In all, the current rule book takes up 231 pages including an index.

Mind you, those first 13 rules are quite strict and seem to cover most things, but it must have taken quite a contrary mind to have increased the rules to 34. The The Burgess Club, who played over Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh, had formulated their own rules in 1773 with the final two rules covering cadies. The first of these states that ‘No golfers shall under any pretence whatever give any old balls to the cadies, if they do, they shall for every ball given away forfeit sixpence to the Treasurer.’ The final rule states ‘That no Member of the Society pay the cadies more than one penny per round.’

I wonder what my ubiquitous caddy master may think of that. It is an interesting book with far less pages than the current rule book and is published in association with The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. The book goes on to tell us that “Golf may be the only sport whose first rules were penned by someone later accused of traitorous acts against the English Crown”. I leave you to sort out all these facts but don’t let them interfere with your enjoyment of the game.