Girvan gents complete harry steel eclectic

Already into March and the year progresses with some fine weather. It may be cold, but it is dry and that helps the golfer.

Last Sunday Girvan gents completed the final round of the Harry Steel Eclectic which is played over three rounds with the best score at each hole used to make up an 18 hole card. In the scratch section Willie McMeikan came in with the winning score of 55 followed by Rab Galloway 60, Billy McLatchie 60, Stuart White and Jim Brown both on 61. In the handicap section Billy McLatchie won with (7)53 followed by Rab Galloway (6)54, Willie McMeikan (1)54, Willie McCluskey (10)56, Jim Brown (5)56 and Ken Smith (17)56.

Meanwhile at Turnberry on Saturday 23rd February Duncan Kerr came in with the winning score (5)69 to win the medal followed by Scott Clare (4)72, Tom Bennett (6)75, Ian Hutcheson (12)75, Allan Stevenson (10)75 and Ronnie McLellan (1)75. All the above are good scores helped by good weather. Duncan Kerr seems to be regularly handing in good scores and his mantelpiece must surely be covered in trophies..


Sir Walter Simpson who was Captain of The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in 1892 commented ‘When a putter is waiting his turn to hole-out a putt of one or two feet in length, on which the match hangs at the last hole, it is of vital importance that he thinks of nothing. At this supreme moment he ought studiously to fill his mind with vacancy. He must not prepare himself to accept the gloomy face of his partner and the derisive delight of his adversaries with Christian resignation should he miss’. Perhaps he should glance at the sky, note the position of the clouds but must not even consider the financial plight of the country as that would depress him even more than a missed putt.


Well here we are basking in the glory of an Ayr United win without the usual undignified exit of losing goals in injury time. I always feel that Ayr should come out at least three goals up after half time to have a chance of drawing or even perhaps winning as it is in the final quarter of the game that they seem to fall apart. So I can smile now at all those detractors of Ayr United.

Whilst contemplating this glory I came across a story of the late Bill Adcock who at the ripe old age of 83 playing in the British Senior Professional Championship at Longniddery some years ago returned a score of 78. His son Ken Adwick was interviewed by the press over his father’s achievement and commented that his father was long past banging balls on the practice ground for hours on end. His practice sessions nowadays amounted to simply sitting peacefully in a comfortable armchair visualizing his best swing and then proceeding to rehearse it without leaving the comfort of the chair Now that is the way to do it and I am sure that we can all improve our game in comfort. Try it, as no matter the weather you will keep warm and dry and come out cheery and refreshed.

Ben Hogan was tormenting himself over a lapse in putting and even got to the length of complaining about it to his wife. ‘Would you like to know how to sink all those putts you keep complaining about’ she asked. ‘you know how?’ Hogan said ‘Yes I do ‘she sweetly replied ‘The why haven’t you told me.-- How?. ‘Just hit the ball a little nearer to the hole and some will drop in’ replied his very logical wife Valerie. The logic of it hit Hogan who gave up all his fancy grips and swings, the reading of countless text books on the subject and just concentrated on hitting the ball a little nearer to the hole and Hey Presto –it worked

So you see golf is quite a simple game really it is just ourselves who make it difficult..

All these wonderful tips I give out should make you all great golfers and increase the circulation of the Gazette. I wonder. But go out and enjoy it.