Girvan Golf Classic played in appalling weather

I now have the results of the Girvan Golf Club’s 36 hole competition which was won by David Heron 34+35=69 Stableford points followed by Hugh Boyd 34+34=68 and Jim Brown 29+37=66 points.

In the Heneage Medal, for all medal winners and runners up over the past twelve months, Luke Morrison (20)62 came in to win followed by David Clark (8)63 and Stevie Johnston (5)64.

The Girvan Classic which is run by South Ayrshire Council was played over the Girvan course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week in some appalling weather. Therefore we must give credit to all who took part with special emphasis to the winners. The Carrick Herald Shields for the best gross score went to John Ralston of Shotts Golf Club on an aggregate of 210 over the three rounds followed by Stuart White of Girvan Golf Club on 212 and Steven Stamper of Turnberry Golf Club on 214. This is not the first time that John Ralston has won this competition so well done. In the handicap section playing for the Ailsa Trophy, Terry Rice of Heyton & Prestcot Golf Club came in with the winning score of (9)196 followed by Joseph Rice also of Heyton & Prestcot Golf Club on (6)205 and Neil McGregor of Bridge of Allan Golf Club on (4)206.

GEORGE SPRUNT MEMORIAL INVITATION SWEEPSTAKE draw for the round to be played on 9th October is as follows; 8 am. M. Cochrane, K. McLeod, M. White, 8.08 W. Lumsden, C. Morgan, M. Morgan, 8.16 D. Courtney, R. Johnson, J. Mills, 8.24 W. McMeikan, J. Gillon, B. Thomson, 8.32 F. Green, N. McPherson, M. Kennedy, 8.40 G. Wilson, S. Dunn, S. Johnston, 8.48 D. Taylor, C. McDonald, J. McKie, 8.56 D. Hamilton, B. McCulloch, K. Hamilton, 9.04 S. Stamper, W. McMeikan, A. Connor, 9.12 H. McKay, J. Ritchie, C. Fleming, 9.20 B. Taylor, W. McCulloch, R Hutchison, 9.28 J. Cooper, S. Kirk, I. Walker, 9.36 J. Urie, P. Rae, S. Rae, 9.44 J. Scobie, G. Davey, J. McCrindle, 9.52 G. Andrew, J. Roberts, R. McMaster, 10.00 K. Doyle, J. Nichol, Sponsor,,10.08 J. Buchan, D. Wilson Jnr. D. Andrew, 10.16 D.S. Wilson, T. Wason, P. McCloy, 10.24 M. Swan, H. Boyd, K. Morgan,10.32 J. Galloway, W. Robb, Sponsor 10.40 R. Scott, G. Mackintosh, J. MacLachlan 10.48 J. Baillie, S. Shannon, W. Roberts, 10.56 I. McLeod, G. Wilson, I. Hamilton 11.04 A. Clark, R. McDowall, D. MacIntyre 11.12 S. Simpson, A. Boyd, P. Zonfrillo 11.20 T. Joyce, W. McDines, C. McVicar, 11.20 three sponsors times. Please remember to check your card, sign it and place it in the box in the clubhouse no later than 30 minutes after the last game finishes. All non-season ticket holders to pay the green fee before play and every competitor must hold a current S.G.U. handicap with a maximum handicap of 18 for this competition, Any disputes or queries must be referred to the Committee whose decision will be final. Above all go out and enjoy your golf in good company.


Lady Ailsa Trophy 2nd Round

1st Miss E. Brown (6) 31pts bih; 2nd Mrs. J. Morgan (21) 31 pts bih; 3rd Miss K. Fitzgerald (1) 31pts

September Medal

Silver Division: 1st Miss A. Brown (17) 72; 2nd Miss E. Heggie (11) 73; 3rd Mrs. S. Kemp (14) 75

Bronze Division: 1st Mrs. A. Greenall (23) 77; 2nd Mrs. S Lindsay (27) 79 bih; 3rd Ms. P. McKay (36) 79


An interesting set of ground rules for a clergyman’s golf tournament at Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1974 ‘Thou shalt not use profanity; thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s putter; thou shalt not steal thy neighbour’s ball ; thou shalt not bear false witness in the final tally.’ My word what did these clergymen get up to in their competitions to require such rules.


The Ryder Cup will be upon us very shortly and it appears that the Europe team has a lot of first timers in other words ‘Rookies’ playing. Still fresh faces are always welcome even though I understand from reports that standing on the first tee in your very first Ryder Cup match can be a little awe inspiring. Never fear, every golfer standing on the first tee in any competition feels that today is going to be his day, but it often turns out that he would be better off helping with the shopping. Golf is fun and is meant to be enjoyed, but most professional golf is not played as a team event and normally it is only yourself or your playing partner that is let down by poor play. Did you know that Walter Hagan was the captain of the US team that won the inaugural Ryder Cup match in 1927. A great character as well as a good golfer who played in all the Ryder Cup teams until 1937.