Girvan hits the top

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It was wheel to wheel combat when 12 students from four South Ayrshire schools took part in a mountain bike challenge league.

Pedalling to the top of the league was Girvan Academy who were declared the league champions.

The league, co-ordinated and funded by the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership and supported by ACE (Adventure Centre for Education) and the Forestry Commission, was run over six weeks.

Councillor Rita Miller, Chair of the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership said: “Congratulations to all the students who took part in the mountain bike challenge league, and in particular to Girvan Academy for coming top of the league.

“The students all faced a hard physical challenge which tested them to their limits. Importantly it gave them an insight into the discipline, hardwork, commitment and teamwork needed to be successful in a sporting event.

“A positive experience for the students, I know that the skills they have learned and improved they will be able to apply in other areas of their lives.”

Each of the schools nominated three young people with an interest in mountain biking who would benefit from the discipline of taking part in a sporting league and facing a new challenge.

On various days one student from each of the schools was taken to the ACE centre in Girvan and to the Forestry Commission mountain bike track at Glentrool. The pupils then had three attempts to complete a downhill section of the blue route at Glentrool on a mountain bike, trying to record the best time and best average time that they could.

All the pupils had to complete the same number of times and points were awarded on a league table. Girvan Academy won the team shield, they had the lowest combined recorded times. Logan Knox from Girvan Academy won the trophy for best individual average recorded times and he recorded the fastest time which was two seconds faster than the experienced instructor who competes and regional and national levels.

All the students who took part in the mountain bike league were presented with a medal.