Girvan ladies look forward to RNLI trophy competition

The Girvan Ladies have been taking advantage of all this good weather and in the Craig Trophy on 25th May.

Roz McCulloch came in with the winning score of (9)70 followed by Jenny Morgan (22)74.

On Thursday 2nd June the ladies will play the June Medal combined with the RNLI competition for which the winner will receive the magnificent RNLI shield to keep. All donations to the RNLI are gratefully received.

The Girvan gents competed for the Walter Linton Trophy which commemorates a past Girvan Golf Club champion who was also a local dentist.

The winner was Jim Brown on (6)61 who must have found time from his many jobs to play in the competition. Jim was followed by S. Johnston (14)62, Henry McMaster (13)62, Jack Galloway (12)62, Jim Lafferty (10)63, Allan Clark (13)63 and David Clark (10)63.

Over at Turnberry on 22nd May John Broadfoot won the Crawford Cup (4)63 followed by Alan Weir (4)65 and Martin Brown (18)65.

In the Walker Cup Anniversary Medal played on 28th. May Tom Campbell came in with the winning score of (12)64 followed by Bill Clare (15)67 and Clive Douglas (5)67.

On Sunday the Turnberry Ailsa members competed for the D.J. Trump Trophy in a four-ball team event which was the first event to be played over the Ailsa Course since its complete re-modification.

I am not aware of the full result as yet, but some comments from a few of the members who took part were that it was difficult to concentrate on the golf due to admiring the scenery and the new course which was tremendous.

Turnberry ladies section Extra Medal; Silver: 1st Mrs. L. Gordon (17) 71; 2nd Miss E. Heggie (12) 73; 3rd Mrs. L. Nimmo (18) 74; Bronze: 1st Mrs. A. Mackenzie (24) 72; 2nd Mrs. J. Morgan (21) 73

Eclectic 1st Round; Silver: 1st Mrs. A. Sharp (16) 67; 2nd Mrs. C. Andrew (20) 70; 3rd Miss E. Brown (6) 73; Bronze 1st Mrs. A. Mackenzie (24) 73; 2nd Mrs. S. Lindsay (27) 75; 3rd Miss M. Kelly (26) 76.


I tried the pitch and putt course at Turnberry on Saturday and it is a good exercise in chipping not so good on putting as the greens had lots of varying slopes, but interesting and worth the effort.

In many cases it is the chip that makes a round, there are very few who can always reach the greens with their second shot on a long hole and it therefore becomes a game of chipping and putting for the rest of us.

I was watching the BMW at Wentworth on the TV Sunday night and I would have certainly been worried if I had a good score on my card coming to the last hole with that small green to pitch to over the water.

It is easy to see why so many went into one of the bunkers as the professionals find it easier to come out of a bunker than some of the rough.

A suggestion as to what to practice to help you make a good clean chip is by putting another ball down a few inches behind the ball you are going to hit.

This of course is to the right of your ball as you look down and by missing the back ball it will help you to develop the downward strike you need to make good, clean contact.

Try it on the practice range before proceeding onto the course and persevere as it will take some time to master the shot.

You will hit a lot of fluff shots before you achieve success, but when you do you will feel on top of the world. The important thing is to enjoy your golf.