Girvan nightclub faces review

Girvan’s Flix nightclub is set to go in front of the council’s licensing board tomorrow (Thursday) after concerns were raised by police.

Police Scotland has called on South Ayrshire Council to undertake a premises licence review of the Bridge Street nightclub in the town following concerns over crime and disorder and public safety.

The most serious sanction available to councillors would be to shut the nightclub down by revoking its licence.

They also have the options of issuing a written warning to the licence holder, John Stewart who also owns Girvan’s Victory Bar, making a variation in terms of the licence or suspending the licence for a certain period of time.

A report has been submitted by the police to the licensing board which the Gazette understands highlights their concern at several assaults near to the premises since it re-opened last year for business. Owner of the nightclub Forbes Robertson said steps had been taken to improve safety.

Mr Robertson said: “We’ve certainly improved the stewarding and we’ve installed more CCTV cameras in the premises, particularly at blind spots. “Incidents do happen, but I’m down there every Saturday night and I can tell you it’s very well run by John and Charlene (Irvine).

“This was something people wanted for the town and it would be a loss for Girvan if something were to happen to it.”

The board will hear evidence from various parties before coming to a decision. A full report will be in next week’s Gazette.