Girvan Primary rack up 14 goals in win over Symington counterparts!

On Wednesday 23 April, Girvan Primary School played Symington Primary at home at Hamilton Park. Girvan won 14-7.

In a game played under an ominous, ever threarening sky, Calum Ingram opened the scoring in what became a tidal wave of goals courtesy of Kenny Sloan, Alan Harkness and Calum himself scoring four in total, putting Girvan 6-1 ahead by the end of the first half.

The second half was a lot more competitive however. Symington opened the scoring but Kenny replied quickly. Aaron Mooney scored soon after but then the goals came from both sides in what became a very competitive, end to end half, Girvan’s goals coming from Aaron, Kenny, Calum and Maon McIlwraith who got onto the score sheet towards the end of the game.

At the final reckoning Calum scored six, Aaron and Kenny scored a hat-trick each and Alan and Mason scored one apiece.

Congratulations to Leighton Warnock, Jack McKenzie and John Edens who defended skilfully in front of Jacob Allison in goal. Man of the match has to go to Calum Ingram who dominated the game from start to finish with his pace, determination, drive and skill.

Many thanks go to Mrs Clark for transport and refreshments and to all the many parents who turned up to support Girvan.