Girvan Primary School win the league

Girvan Primary School football club celebrated another taste of success when they won their league title for the second time in three seasons.

The ecstatic children discovered that they won the title only in the last week of term when other schools results finally came through.

In a hard fought season Girvan lifted the League Bowl after winning three games and drawing one and scoring 27 goals on their journey to the title.

The P7 children who are leaving for the Academy took home a winners medal each while the P6 players can enjoy the sight of their trophy on display next season.

Alan Harkness won the prestigious Girvan Primary School Football Club Player of the Year Trophy after a season where his skill, commitment and inspirational on-field leadership as well as a hatful of goals helped to propel Girvan to their success.

Girvan Primary School give their thanks and best wishes to the P7’s and hope they will continue playing football at the Academy and are looking forward to next session’s P7’s and new P6 recruits joing the club to continue its on-going success.

Many thanks to Jean Clark who although has retired from Girvan Primary, provided transport and refreshments for the football team all season.