Good start for league champs

It was the first round of the Samuel Clark memorial cup on Monday night and the league champions got a good start at home in the first leg.

Athletic A defeated Boarshead 7-3. Victory Bar found it pretty easy at home against Harbour Bar winning 9-1.

Athletic B won comfortably away to the Royal and the Hammy won 6-4 away to the Vaults.


Samuel Clark first round

Athletic A 7 Boarshead 3

Royal 1 Athletic B 9

Victory Bar 9 Harbour Bar 1

Vaults 4 Hammy 6

180s; D Patterson , l Wright , J McDowall

Best darts; 15 K Reid, 17 and 20 L Mooney, 17 T Scobie, 19 and 20 J McDowall, 20 S McCreadie

Highest checkouts; R Beauchomp 124 (bull finish), 122 K Reid, L Mooney 96, L McLeish 97, L Ingram 94

Next weeks games

Athletic b v Royal

Harbour v Victory bar

Hammy v Vaults

Boars v Athletic a