Gordon gets on his pike!

At the time of writing, the weather has taken a turn for the better with settled easterlies and a spell of warmish temperatures to boost the sport.

The sea scene is getting better week on week but is still a few weeks away from what it should be at this time of the year.

Thornback ray are coming ashore predominantly to fish baits and – surprise, surprise – plaice have begun to show off the clean ground at Port 
Logan. Flounder are on the increase and will continue to improve as the crab moult gets under way in earnest.

For flat fish, use worm and crab baits over clean ground in areas such as Carsethorn, Balcary, Torrs Point and, over in the west, Terally Bay and Port Logan. These areas will also produce good bass fishing on a flooding tide.

If the wind stays in the east and the temperatures remain buoyant, it shouldn’t be too long before the bigger stamp of pollock start to turn up at the rock marks over in the west of the region.

V-Shaped Wake

The big girls of the pike world are out and about and the best of the week, a super fish weighing in at 20lb 05oz, fell to Gordon Patterson who was fishing Loch Ronald. Gordon used a static mackerel dead bait to lure his best pike to date.

Staying at the Three Lochs, the Black Loch has produced a nice rainbow at 8lb but reports of the bream are sparse due to anglers concentrating on the pike at the moment.

The bright, warm days with little wind give excellent opportunity to fish surface baits for carp. The fish give their presence away by the “V” shaped wake they make on the surface as they cruise around sunbathing. Get them interested in a few free offerings to build up a little confidence in your chosen bait and, when you see them taking off the top, put a bait out in the same area.

This has to be one of the most exciting forms of fishing: the adrenalin really kicks in when you see the fish moving towards your offering.

Personal Best

A recent trip to Jack’s fishery for Stranraer’s David Nicholson produced a personal best in the shape of a cracking, hard-fighting rainbow weighing in at 14lb 04oz. David used a six-weight midge tip line with his own fly, a Gold Head Pheasant Tail Nymph.

In the river Cree, a superb silver springer was landed from the Suspension pool on NSAA water last Saturday. The fish, weighing around 11lb, was caught and safely released by Keith Wilds.

The association’s still waters are beginning to show promise for those willing to put the effort into getting out onto the bank, a recent match returned a good bag of fish for the competitors. It would be well worth a trip while the warm weather is with us to get out and enjoy the late evening hatch. Pictures of the salmon and big trout will appear in the next issue.

If you want your catch returns, pictures and match info in the column, please send details and pictures to: peter.foster@gallowaygazette.com.