harry Steel eclectic at Girvan

Well dry sunny weather can bring a smile to your face despite it being desperately cold. But despite the cold and it being Valentine’s Day a number of the Girvan gents managed to evade their wives, sweethearts etc. to compete in the Harry Steel Eclectic competition.

Being an eclectic competition it means that the best individual holes over three rounds are taken to comprise one round of 18 holes and the best of these is the winner. Therefore the result will not be known until the final round is played.

Over at Turnberry the Wednesday medal was played on 10th February resulting in a win for Roy Breustedt (12)62 followed by John Broadfoot (5)69, Edwin Irvin (9)71 and James Byers (7)72


George Bernard Shaw who needs no introduction from me once said ‘To man, age brought golf not wisdom’.

Now here is a tip from Peter Thomson a five times Open winner ‘Draw the club straight back. Never mind about what the books din into you about turns and pivots. Just draw it straight back as far as it is comfortable and let nature take its course’. There was quite a bit of wisdom in that comment as you will see below.


Just because it has stopped raining does not mean that we do not have to wrap up well, as we still have to keep the cold out and this naturally restricts the swing.

However look upon this as a demonstration of just how far you can hit a golf ball with a restricted swing. You do not have to take the club away back so far that the head is almost touching the ground behind you to hit the ball well.

This usually applies more to the older golfer whose body is no longer supple enough to get back as far as he used to. But other factors can come into play, take for example Ernest Jones who back in March 1916 was badly injured by German Artillery in the battle of Loos. He had 16 pieces of metal removed from his head, right forearm and the right leg which was subsequently amputated.

Only four months later, walking with the aid of an artificial limb he shot 83 at Royal Norwich in Norfolk and a few months later a 72 at Clacton in Essex.

That is courage and determination brought about by not letting unforeseen circumstances get the better of you. Adapt the swing to accommodate what your body is capable of. Ernest Jones is an example to us all and no doubt enjoyed not only playing golf but the camaraderie in the clubhouse afterwards.

He became a renowned teacher of the golf swing and his theme for good golf was just to ‘swing the clubhead.’ Try it and see how you feel. I hope you realize that all these tips come to you with only the cost of a purchase of the Carrick Gazette to pay.