Hope you all made the most of the nice weather as December roars in

Well I hope you made the most of all that surprisingly good weather we had in November, as December has certainly come in with a roar. Not only that but it is cold with hail battering against the windows and forked lightening putting on a display.

Still all this will not affect the hardened golfer who will just batten down the hatches with thermals and waterproofs, that is unless he considered playing in the Girvan Golf Club’s December Medal last Sunday. The weather was too bad even for those who turned up with the intention of playing and the medal has been postponed until this coming Sunday 14th. thereby cancelling the Stableford competition which it was intended to hold on that date.


Quite a prayer is that of Adam Kok III Chieftain of the Griquas tribe when about to fight the Afrikaners in 1876 ‘O Lord, this battle tomorrow is going to be a serious affair. There will be no place in it for children. Therefore I must ask you not to send your Son to help us. Come yourself’. I do not know the outcome of the battle or who the Griquas tribe were, but it is some prayer.

Following on from this, Bernard Darwin a noted golf writer on playing a round of golf found himself in a bunker with a very poor lie, no doubt in what is commonly known as a poached egg, looked heavenward and said ‘And don’t send your son down. This is a man’s job.


Well Ayr lost again last Saturday this time to Dunfermline, but I still find myself up in the stands hoping against hope that a miracle will happen.

The mounds of earth seem to be getting higher and higher in front of Turnberry Hotel. This is going to be some pitch and putt course with some very tricky holes when it is finished.

With few golf competitions being played at present I have been looking into the lives of some golfers who graced the golfing history books and came across the name of Lee Trevino born in 1939. I have watched and been a fan of Lee Trevino known as ‘Super Mex’ for many years as he could mix being a champion golfer with being a first class entertainer. As a professional sportsman he never lost sight of the fact that he had to entertain the crowds who had come to watch him.

There was no silver spoon in his mouth when he was born and he caddied at the local golf course to earn money which his mother badly needed to provide for their fatherless family. He served in the US Marines after which he became the assistant professional at El-Paso Golf Club and would play anyone for money..

Ray Floyd was a star by then and when he turned up at the El-Paso club to challenge this young upstart he was surprised to find himself playing against the locker room attendant cum assistant pro who took his clubs out of the car.

Floyd just managed to beat Trevino and was very impressed by him, telling his fellow tour players that when this Mexican kid comes on to the circuit they would have to make way for him. However when Trevino did appear on the Tour his swing did not impress anyone with golf writer Peter Dobereiner likening it to someone trying to punish golf balls.

Trevino sliced balls with a hooker’s grip, but he did so with a repeated swing and everything was well under control. In fact so much so that he won two Opens, two US Opens and two USPGA tournaments.

Trevino likened pressure in a golf match to playing for $5 with only $2 in your pocket. He was also the golfer who referred to senior golfers as ‘round bellies’.

Trevino had survived being hit by lightening and had two famous sayings about it ‘In case of lightening walk down the middle of the fairway holding a one iron above your head as even God cannot hit a one iron’ another one was ‘When God wants to play through you let him’.

Lee Trevino was a very likable man but was Tony Jacklin’s nemesis when in the 1972 Open at Muirfield he chipped into the 17th.hole whilst Jacklin three putted after being two shots better off. Lee Trevino then went on to win the Open for the second time in succession .

The sun will shine, the wind will drop and of course you will be able to get out onto the course in the new year with all those lovely useless Christmas presents you received to help you enjoy a round of golf when the weather allows.

So make the most of it and remember always to thank those who thought they could improve your golf with some questionable Christmas gifts and do it with a smile.