Indian summer for the George Sprunt tournament at Girvan

An Indian summer was forecast and on Sunday it was very much in evidence to be much appreciated by all taking part in the George Sprunt Memorial Invitation Sweepstake.

Those who qualified to take part in the final next Sunday were as follows: M. Swan(16)62, S. Stamper (+1)62, S. Simpson (16)62, D. Wilson Jnr. (9)62, W. McCulloch (4)62, S. Kirk (7)63, I. Hamilton (10)63, R. Scott (5)63, J. Baillie (9)63, J. Roberts (9)64, J. Cooper (11)64, J. Galloway (12)65, R. McMaster (4)65, G. Andrews (6)65, B. Mills (8)65, H. Boyd (12)66, W. McMillan (3)67,D. Taylor (5)67, P. Zonfrillo (11)67, W. Roberts (11)67, A. Clark (12)67, B. McCulloch (0)67, S. Dunn (6)67, J. Gillon (3)68, M. Kennedy (9)68, W. McMeikan (+1)68, D. Taylor (13)68, G. Mackintosh (4)69, P. Morrison (18)69, P. McCloy (7)69. A special congratulation to Stevie Simpson of Turnberry Golf Club who had a hole in one at the 10th. Hole by virtue of his wedge which put him into third place. I feel obliged to mention that Peter McCloy squeezed in at the last qualifying place, no doubt by virtue of his friend the caddymaster who failed to qualify.. The draw for the final round this coming Sunday is as follows; 8am. B. Mills, W. Allan, H. Boyd, 8.10 G. Andrew, S. Stamper, R. Scott, 8.20 B. McCulloch, W. McCulloch, W. McMeikan 8.30. J. Baillie, B. Taylor, W. Roberts, 8.40. H. Ward, G. Milligan, I. Hamilton, 8.50 M. Swan, J. Roberts, J. Galloway, 9am. P. McLuskey, J. Fyfe Jnr. M. Campbell. 9.10. S. Hamilton, R. Pringle, S. White, 9.20 D. Bye, K. Doyle, T. McFeeley, 9.30. J. Rae, R. McMaster, A. Brownlee, 9.40 R. McCluskey, J. Duncan, D. Wilson,Jnr. 9.50 M. Lothian, R. Galloway, P. Morrison, 10am. R. McEvoy, D. Heron, G. Boyle. 10.10. W. Pitt, A. Forbes, A. Clark. 10.20 W. McMillan, D. Taylor, G. Mackintosh. 10.30. G. Campbell, B. Jamieson, J. Gillon. 10.40 C. Savage, P. Miller, M. Kennedy. 10.50.A. MacFarlane, S. Kirk, S. Dunn. 11am. R. Smith, S. Simpson, J. Cooper. 11.10 P. Zonfrillo, J. McCluskey, P. McCloy. LADIES-- 11.20 B. Aird, D. Hunter, C. McCrindle. 11.30. R. McCulloch, S. Low, S. Deeney. 11.40 J. Bone, I. Connor, K. Thomson. 11.50. I. Leitch, A. Bush, J. McCrorie. Remember to sign your card and put it in the box in the clubhouse before 30 minutes has elapsed after the first game finishes. Also remember to pay a green fee if appropriate. Good luck.

The Girvan Probus under the captaincy of Bob Cronie went up to Seafield golf course on Monday to take on the might of Ayr Probus under the captaincy of Ian MacLean. Well to Ayr’s surprise the Girvan team won by three games to two. In future this competition will play for the Bob Grassom Trophy in honour of the Ayr Probus golfer who died unexpectedly.


Golf has some great moments for everyone. Can you remember the first time you broke a hundred? Can you remember when you eventually got a handicap below 20, then 15, then into single figures if you ever did? Can you remember ever getting a hole in one and also when you won your first tournament. All these are significant moments in a golfer’s life, some of which are self- defeating. For example you strive successfully to get your handicap down and the more you do so the harder it becomes to win anything. Therefore it is a very surprising sport, but also a very captivating one that can carry you from a very young age to a very old one. Golfers should never give up as there is always something just around the next corner with the odd good shot bringing you back again and again.

TURNBERRY GOLF CLUB LADIES SECTION; October 2016 Medal; Silver Division: 1st Miss E. Heggie (12) 75 2nd Mrs. L. Brown (20) 81 3rd Mrs. M. Foster (18) 84; Bronze Division: 1ST Mrs. A. Greenall (23) 86 2nd Mrs. L. Henderson (23) 97